“Egg Pocking” ~ An Easter Message

If you live in South Louisiana you know that “pocking eggs” is an Easter tradition. If you do not live in South Louisiana then let me explain. One holds a boiled, dyed egg in his fist and sharply raps the egg held by another person. The “winner” is the person left with an intact egg shell. The art, and it is an art, of pocking eggs is handed down from generation to generation. Timmy and I love to have our parents, children and grandchildren over for Easter Sunday lunch, then pock eggs. I love to watch our grandchildren as they participate in this tradition. Each one has a pocking style of their own.

Lexi is one year old, and she sits on her mom’s lap and eats jelly beans while we are pocking eggs. This is the perfect time to fill her mouth as full as she can with no one saying anything to her. She thinks that she is getting away with something wonderful! She is our “I have a better idea” pocker. Isaac is two, and after he pocks eggs with you he takes the broken eggs (yours or his) and sits and eats them, then gets another egg and goes on to find someone else to pock with. He is not a fast eater, so it takes him forever to pock eggs. He is our “waste not, want not” pocker. Ali is three and she pocks with little, tiny pecks, as if the eggs will blow up and spray her with some un-known substance. The entire time she is tap, tap, tapping your egg she is saying, “OK, almost, OK, almost!” She is our “timid” pocker. Emma is four and will call out your name to let you know that she wants to pock with you. This is her idea of “heads up, here I come!” She then comes running toward you, full blast, with her egg raised high over her head, as if she is coming to attack you and your egg. You had better have your egg ready because she hits your egg hard, like she is pocking concrete, and not eggs! She is our “aggressive” pocker. Cade is also four years old and when he pocks with you if he breaks your egg he apologizes to you over and over. He will even offer you his egg after he breaks yours. He is our “peace keeping” pocker. Timmy, my husband, is our worst pocker. You have to watch him because his hand is large enough to hold two eggs, one real egg and one marble egg. If you don’t watch him closely he will quickly switch them and break your egg using the marble egg. He is our “tricky” pocker. Me, I just like to pock and watch the kid’s reactions. I am a “passive” pocker.

As I grow older, and I hope wiser, I can see how pocking eggs is related to all of the reasons that we celebrate Easter. God had “a better idea” when He sent Jesus to earth. Jesus was born in a manger and grew up serving his heavenly father. His life is recorded in the Bible for us as an example of how we should live our lives. His life tells us to “waste not” a precious moment living outside of his will. He encourages us to “want not” the things of this earth, but to “be aggressive” in following him and serving those around us. While we are to be “peace keeping” citizens in our community we are not to be “timid” in telling others about Jesus and how he came to die as a sacrifice for our sins. We are not to be “passive” spectators in the world in which we live, but to serve others as Jesus served. For God so loved the world that He gave His only son to die on a cross to pay for our sins so that whosoever believes in Him should not die, but have everlasting life. There is no “trick” to Jesus. He came, he served his heavenly father, then he died on a cross to pay for our sins so that we can be forgiven and spend eternity in heaven. You either believe in him, and accept him as your Savior, or you don’t. It’s as simple as pocking eggs.

c 2004 CETurner


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